OE5XNI - Taking the first steps

One of our first kindly donation from people who were interested in supporting our local project was a kind of ladder. We used it as a pod and to extend the height of the antennas. The building with ladder and some GFK poles give us a height between 15m to 17m above the ground. 

Hannes and Tobias (SWL) setting up the shortwave dipole

The angle parts of the ladder were welded in a calculated angle by Hannes so that the errected construction - fastened at building and window - is close to vertical up in the air.

One of the two ladder rods and a mounted Diamond X-200 for VHF / UHF

Antenna setup is working for nearly three years now and is doing its job very good. The Boomerang - Antenna for Citizen - Band (27 MHz) gives local non-licenced people access to our emergency support and is elevated with fiber glass. So there are no interferences with the beaming elevation of the Diamond antenna and at that point it reaches a height of about 17m above the ground. Furthermore the flexible construction should support stability because of sometimes strong winds in this area around Mattig - valley.

Sometimes birds use our antennas as a kind of swing in such a great height with a beautiful sight towards the Alps in southern direction  ;)